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Past. Present. Future.

Who am I?

My name is Matthew Sabato and I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

From a young age, I began creating films and engaging video content with family and friends with the idea of creating laughs for my loved ones. During these times I fell in love with the idea of bringing joy to others through my creative art. Since then this early ambition has grown into a career where I still hold the desire of creating content that positively impacts the viewers. I believe that what makes a great project is how it impacts and shapes those who consume it.

To me, films and other media forms contain an element of magic - the ability to transport us to another time and place, to bring out emotions and connect us together.

As a creative individual, these are some of the aspects that attracted me to get involved in this industry. 

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As a passionate creative, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to push myself and put my skills to the test. I have strong experience with creative productions through being involved in a variety of productions for the last six years. To create impactful content that is seen by many eyes. 

My passion for creating content has led me to take on roles at the Coburg Football Club, Essendon Football Club, Greenvale Kangaroos Cricket Club, Craate Creative Production Agency and more. In these roles, I have thrived at the challenge of creating quick turn-around content where I have been tasked with adhering to changing cliental briefs and feedback whilst maintaining company standards within my work. Having also freelanced for professional companies, such as Burninghouse Production Agency, Jigsaw Post and Nimble Pictures, my passion for storytelling is what anchors my profession.


Having worked on a variety of projects and having learnt from some incredibly talented professionals, a fundamental principle that I carry through every project is crafting compelling stories that connect with people.



My Goal

Progressing further in my career, I am hoping to continue to create content with an emotional backbone. With a sight of creating content that is seen and loved by a wide audience.

With my prior experience working within sports media and production agencies, I know I am ready to take the next step in my career.

If you feel that our ideas align feel free to get in touch.

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